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Pain Center of Orlando

  • Kinkease Headquarters
    225 W. SR 434 Suite #205 Longwood Florida

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Pain Center of Orlando

  • Kinkease Headquarters
    225 W. SR 434 Suite #205 Longwood Florida

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September 04, 2009


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no nonsense muscle building review

I am starting to get really scared since Thursday I have had a constant headache, which doesnt hurt but it is causing one hell of an ache. It stays majority of the day, I will be lucky if I have a couple of hours to myself. When it intensifies it feels like my head is going to explode. It spans from my neck to my head, and it feels like resonates within my head which makes me feel weak and sick. It becomes so strong I dont even want to move my mouth to speak. It affects my ears, they feel like they need emptying of gunk, even though there is nothing there. My eyes feel like there is sand rolling around and my nerves keep flicking (twitching cant describe it). But I feel generally unwell I feel like I am expecting an anerysm or a Brain Tumour and I feel like I am running out of time. Everyone says I am fine, that it is anxiety all in my head. Docs say I am fine but I dont know what is causing it posture, sitting in front of the computer, driving etc. which has done in my muscles? If I instantly mention something that I dont like ie Needles or watch something like a horror film instead of feeling faint by anxiety, I instantly want to throw up or pass out. I feel so weak I only think I am dying. Please Help cause at the moment I am trying to keep strong but I can only think of the negative

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